Netwiz is a very professional company and they will find an answer for you. If they don’t know the answer, they are very, very diligent about finding an answer and getting back to you. They have done everything we have asked them to do and that frees me up to move on to other things, like Making Signs.

Femi Sign-A-Rama Fullerton

I like being able to work with a local company and the prices have always been reasonable. When we have a problem with one of our systems, it is resolved quickly and we are able to put the machine back into service with minimal downtime, sometimes the same day.

Bo Lowe Send Out Cards

Netwiz Computers exceeded our expectations when they installed our new server. Our network is much faster dependable and secure. Call Netwiz today!

Maria Duran The CPA Firm

I have never in all my years have received such Awesome service this is Fantastic! Finally a Vendor who will bend over backwards for their Clients… You Go Netwiz.

Debbie Kerr Maid in California

Any time I have a computer problem, I sit back with a cup of coffee and call the Netwiz helpdesk. I watch the mouse run around my computer for a minute and Walla it’s Fixed! If you don’t have Netwiz as your IT department, you need to give them a call.

April Hassinger Warner Water Works

Working with Netwiz I has been very easy. The staff is always very quick to respond to my needs, will show up on site if need be, or accesses our system remotely and solve most any problem we can come up with. Calling the Netwiz helpdesk is easy and usually have our problems fixed very quickly.

Hurcles Real Real Dentistry

As a Non-profit we count every penny and every dime, Since signing up with the Netwiz Assist Plan our IT pains have all but dissolved No more down computers for weeks, now it’s only a phone Call away.

Dan Rodriguez Brea Boys & Girls Club

After running through a list of“computer guys”. I was completely amazed by Netwiz Computers, they put me at ease and fixed all of my issues and increased my technology and employee output. Never before have I been treated so well from a vendor.

Dr William Chen Sunny Hills Endodontics

Since we aren’t a big company, we really appreciate the partnership that has developed with Netwiz Computers. Netwiz is our IT department and we rely on them to keep us up to date with the latest Technology.

Kevin Busch Busch Printing

Netwiz customer service has been outstanding. We have tremendous peace of mind because we know our system is working. The Netwiz Full Service Plan is something every organization should look at, whether they are a five computer shop like ours or have a hundred computers.

Diane Smith Michigan Apple Committee

Netwiz has reduced the stress in my life by 70%. My computers are running at peak performance and I no longer have to get involved with any pc issues. I can now do what I do best, Chiropractic work.

Brian Prieto Prieto Chiropractic

When looking to outsource our IT department, one of the things that we look for is a local business that we can have a relationship with. Netwiz really fits with this theme for us.

Paul Kwik Body Intelligent Center

It’s important to take advantage of technology and Netwiz helps me do that. Since implementing a proven backup system for my data, I am able to rest at ease knowing that I don’t have to worry about losing everything that is in my computers.

Greg Beck Beck CPA

Our relationship with Netwiz Has allowed us to make upgrades to our IT needs without a significant increase in cost…a tremendous return on investment for any small business. Before obtaining the Netwiz Assist Plan we would spend hours trying to fix it ourselves, now if there is any small hiccup we call Netwiz Helpdesk, Wow what a savings plan. Now I never have to get involved.

Randy Maddix REM Sleep Solutions

Whenever we have an issue we spell 911- J O E and call Netwiz. We have Never Ever have had tech support like this. When you get same day service all the time…You really get spoiled. Keep up the good work Netwiz.

Faith Allen Good Faith Placements

Netwiz was unbelievable, they helped us through our office move with exceptional competence and professionalism, even with only a one day notice (We remembered to call them when someone asked the question, is Netwiz moving the Network?). They have been very responsive to our needs and have been able to diagnose problems and find solutions very quickly. I would recommend Netwiz to other business owners who need help with technology.

Mark Hunt Solagex America

Netwiz Computers has recommended the necessary technology to help us increase productivity and provide access to our computers and our cameras from our remote locations. Being able to access work from home is Big!

Mark Bill Bills Body Works

Netwiz is very customer oriented and I never feel that they are trying to upsell me. They are more about educating me the pros and cons of any concern, and always giving me options, which allows me to make the best decision for my firm.

Jason Bock Bock Orthodontics Brea

I highly recommend Netwiz Computers. They have done everything that they promised and our installation was flawless. Netwiz worked with my staff and everything went so smoothly, that I wasn’t even aware of the exact moment the installation occurred! The Good part it was nowhere near the $15,000 Server the other company was claiming we needed. As Far as their Netwiz Assist Package, that’s a No Brainer.

Rick Mcpeak McKinney Mcpeak CPA’s

The greatest fear we have is losing our data. Since Netwiz Computers has started remotely backing up our data, we know that we will never lose something that is critical to our business. Netwiz has always been there to help us with any problem that we have had!

Michael Coates LA Law Group

If you are looking for someone you can truly rely on to respond quickly, Netwiz is the best place to go! Joetruly has a concern for downtime. If we are down its hours, times the number of employees, times our overhead, that’s losing a lot of money and Netwiz won’t let it happen.

Tina Ruth Kjack Aero Corporation

Before working with Netwiz it would take days for the computer guy to call back, if it every came. When someone answers the phone within three rings is big for me. They always goabove and beyond what I expect. We will be working with them for years in the future based on that initial experience.

Danielle King Honey Baked Ham Company

Once we understood the many levels of service that Netwiz could provide, we chose their premium service which provides us unlimited support for one fixed price. Now we have an entire team of technicians to address our needs, and spend less than when we had one dedicated employee.

Melanie TNG Real Estate La Habra Office

Both Joseph and Steve are genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of my practice and want to make sure that, at least from an IT standpoint, everything runs smoothly. It’s not like a one size fits all organization. They will target your needs and provide the hardware and software that will fit the most appropriately.

Dr Tom Green DDS